Meditation Courses
Learn to meditate in eight fortnightly sessions in a small, friendly group in North London
Gain simple meditation skills that can be incorporated into everyday life. Non-religious down-to earth approach focusing on body/mind awareness, stress management and psychology.

“I can't tell you how much I have got from this course, it really has turned my whole approach to life around!”    Jane Everett, London.

“I found this course hugely beneficial to me. I was surprised how much I learnt has influenced and improved my living from day to day in ways I didn't expect. I would totally recommend it to anyone who feels they need to learn relaxation tools and techniques for everyday living.”      Alexandra Dedman, London

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this thoughtful and straightforward practice-based approach to mind-body awareness. Resourcefulness Meditation has been transformative for me as I have integrated the techniques into my daily life. I feel calmer, more open-minded and more grounded. I would urge everyone to give it a go!"   Lee, Solicitor, London. 

In this course you will learn body/mind awareness, mindfulness, grounding, stress management and much more! Plenty of individual feedback, support and free meditation resources are provided for each participant: such as a manual, information sheets and access to video podcasts.

Next Fortnightly evening courses starting May 2018

Friday evenings: 4, 18 May; 1, 15, 29 June; 13, 27 July; 10 Aug 2018

Where: Highbury. Nearby Newington Green and Clissold Park, London N5

Time: 7pm to 8.30 pm

Cost: £160.00 deposit £50.00 on booking. Concessions are sometimes available


Tel: (00 44) 020 3286 6478 

Meditation Courses

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Also see our popular audio course ‘Step Into Meditation’ by Linda Hall, available in CD or MP3 from our on-line shop. This easy to follow course is an eight step introduction to learning simple but powerful meditation techniques and how to take them into everyday as life-changing skills.

“This is gold dust! The course is soundly constructed, straightforward and gloriously unpretentious.. The language is really clear and accessible” Heather Peace, London 

“I have been listening to your Meditation Foundation Course every day for almost two months now and I am finding that the regular daily practice is making such a difference to my life, I feel so much more peaceful and relaxed generally and seem to be able to cope with stress better".  Tracy Street, Bedfordshire

For more information and to listen to a sound sample: Click on image


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