Frequently asked questions

FAQ's What is meditation? Broadly speaking, meditation is a relaxed, centred state of awareness and connectedness: a way of being in the here and now.

What happens during meditation? Brain wave patterns slow, taking you into a pleasant, light day-dreaming state which induces an overall sense of well-being and relaxation.

Will I find it difficult to learn? The beauty of Resourcefulness Meditation is its simplicity. It is easy to learn because it uses your everyday faculties of intention, focus and awareness to naturally lead you into calm and peaceful states.

Can anyone do it? Yes, anyone can learn to meditate, as children we do it naturally. 

Can I keep my existing belief systems? Yes, Resourcefulness Meditation will respect your beliefs as an individual. 

Will I have to sit in uncomfortable positions? You will not be required to sit in any difficult positions, in fact the more comfortable you are the better: we use chairs and as many cushions as you need! 

How long before I feel the benefits? Most people feel some benefit after their first session. Resourcefulness Meditation makes use of the body’s natural learning process, so people generally find they pick it up easily and each session builds on the last.

Can I meditate anywhere? Yes, Resourcefulness Meditation teaches you skills that you can easily incorporate into daily life. You can meditate absolutely anywhere: in the bath, in bed, in the garden, on the bus, at the office ... 

How long and how often do I need to meditate? There are no rules - it all depends on what you feel comfortable with. Between ten and twenty minutes once or twice daily is usually enough to feel the benefit.

“I was one of those sceptics who thought meditation was only for people who wanted to sit in uncomfortable positions all day long. How wrong I was! I was pretty much sold the moment I walked into the first session and met Linda. I knew then that if I could achieve Linda’s relaxed shoulders, even after I’ve had a long day at work in the City, then meditation was for me. Linda’s sessions help create a place for me to simply BE and help me to remember, as I face my commute home, that there is a quiet and restful place I can go – and it’s inside of me!” Kate Simpson, London

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