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Get a taste of what Resourcefulness Meditation has to offer by downloading completely free this 15 min meditation.

‘In the Moment’ is a lovely relaxation meditation on the present moment set to beautiful background music to help you relax and feel more at one with yourself. You can listen to the meditation and watch the video before downloading. We hope you enjoy it.
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A helpful and insightful interview about meditation
with Linda Hall


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  Introduction to Meditation

An Introduction to Meditation: An interview with Linda Hall and Alex Howard, director of the Optimum Health Clinic.
In this interview Linda discusses the benefits of Resourcefulness Meditation and how it can be particularly helpful for stress related conditions. She dispels some myths about meditation, revealing that it is a natural practice and does not require special skills. She explains the practise of ‘mindfulness’, and its use in daily life, and how all meditation skills can be used as life skills. She talks about the importance of grounding and being in the present moment in order to maintain health and wellbeing, and how these two meditation skills are powerful stress busters. She outlines what she sees are the three keys to meditation: intention, awareness and focus and how all meditative states flow from these simple acts.



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