The ‘Relaxation Response’
Linda Hall began developing Resourcefulness Meditation techniques through her interest in the body/mind connection over many years of clinical practice in holistic massage and healing. With the majority of her clients presenting symptoms of stress, she observed how subtle techniques using the power of suggestion and awareness could trigger what’s known as the ‘relaxation response ’. This response takes the body into its natural healing state by lowering pulse and breath rate, releasing muscular tension, reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the production of the ‘feel good’ hormone endorphin.

In late 1998, following the death of her father and the break-up of a long term partnership, Linda became ill with candidiasis and ME for almost a decade. It was during these years of struggling with the symptoms of the illness that Linda refined her own approach. It grew from the need to find a softer and more fluid practise, to support her weakened nervous system, than she had been able to find in traditional schools of meditation. 

The gentle, sensory-based techniques she developed provided Linda with an important resource for coping with the psychological and physical effects of the illness, and played a significant role in her eventual recovery. Now fully recovered, much of her work involves supporting people to manage the effects of stress and establish a more integrated relationship between their body and mind through Resourcefulness Meditation. 

To find out more about Linda’s approach, download a free interview with Linda and Alex Howard of the Optimum Health Clinic

View Linda’s interview on Conscious TV with Iain McNay

“Thank you Linda, you have taught me how to meditate as I can and not as I can’t!”  Pauline McLeod, London

Linda Hall 

To meditate is to be a human being not a human ‘doing’



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