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Support for people with ME 
Resourcefulness Meditation offers support in the management and recovery from ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Learn to meditate in a small, friendly, interactive group for people with ME via telephone conference calls. The sessions run for eight weeks and last one hour fifteen minutes each. This exciting new group is run with The Optimum Health Clinic Harley Street. All participants will receive a welcome pack containing a manual and three CDs.  For more information on this group, visit 


Me Conference Call Group

When: Weekdays

Where: Wherever a phone is available

Next course: Please contact Linda for next course dates


Tel: (00 44) 020 3286 6478


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ME Conference Call Group
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"Thank you for a wonderful course. What you do is really impressive - you have such empathy and kindness. And you have amazing skill - not only in developing a style of meditation which is so beneficial for ME sufferers, but also in managing the group. I felt listened to and supported and also got so much out of your feedback to all the others. Thank you so much." J Robinson

"Linda has a wonderful empathy and understanding, not only of M.E. but of the whole human condition" Jinny Burrows, Buckinghamshire

"Linda has a wealth of experience and combines a variety of techniques and traditions in a way that is deeply healing for those with M.E/CFS etc. Her voice is warm, genuine and nurturing and she offers much down to earth wisdom that you can use on a daily basis.  I also made a good contact and 'buddy' through this course so am even richer for the experience. " Sarena Mason, Somerset

"This really is the very best thing I've done (and I've done a lot) in the 14 years ME has been in my life."
Anna Barclay, Yorkshire

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