On-going Fortnightly Meditation Groups 

Kindred Spirits
For people who have already attended the groups or one-to-one sessions.

This offers the opportunity to explore meditation for personal development in a small and friendly group on an on-going basis; it is also a place to meet and develop connections with like-minded people. 

These groups meet once monthly for an hour and thirty minutes, on weekday evenings, 7 pm to 8.30; and fortnightly Saturday mornings, 11 am to 12.30 pm. 

On-going Fortnightly Meditation Groups

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One-to-One Tuition
Skype Meditation Sessions 
ME Conference Call Group
On-Going Groups

“I have happily been attending Linda’s meditation groups for about four years. I am always encouraged by the process which in its quiet, calm and peaceful way can be a lovely experience, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed by the way I deal with life. I have met some delightful kindred spirits” Lesley Stockwell, London

“I joined Linda’s meditation class as a beginner six years ago, and have continued ever since. .....the group I am part of has become a source of real support and fellowship, in a very informal way; we are quite different but bonded by similarities discovered in the course of our personal journeys” Heather Peace, London

“I have been attending Linda’s meditation sessions for almost 2 years. I guess initially I was intrigued about meditation, however, now I can’t imagine not having meditation as part of my life. The sessions have helped me step out of my busy day-to-day life and concentrate on ‘me’. For this I am grateful. Linda, as a teacher and a person is amazing, it is she that has kept me interested and keen to understand more” Katie Reynolds, London

“Meditation in Linda’s group is literally like coming back to earth. Thanks to Linda’s nurturing presence, the group always feels warm, supportive and safe. The meditation itself is, for me, a fantastic exploration of the potential of my own inner resources. I come away with increased energy, a more balanced sense of myself, and a wonderful feeling of well-being” Sally Edwards, London

“The meditation sessions enable me to connect to that quiet place within myself where I can feel life’s possibilities. The loving kindness and compassion within the group is heartfelt and rejuvenates my spirit. The sessions are a rich and rewarding experience for me.” Elizabeth Farrell
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