Resourcefulness Meditation

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4 May 2018



As featured in Red Magazine May 2012:

“I pay a visit to Linda Hall, a practitioner who teaches ‘Resourcefulness Meditation’.. a life tool for managing stress levels, slowing busy minds and aiding concentration.. I leave with a spring in my step.. arrive at the office, feeling renewed and fresh, instead of chaotic and rushed.. Generally, I feel my shoulders lower and my stress levels drop. I’m getting greater enjoyment out of everything.” Excerpt from Stop with The Multitasking! by Molly Gunn 

Contemporary approach
Resourcefulness Meditation is a synthesis of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. It has a contemporary approach that centres on the relationship between the body and mind; and is in tune with current advances in the fields of psychology, science and energy medicine. 

Resourcefulness Meditation draws on well-established practices such as Mindfulness Meditation, Qigong and Creative Visualization, and incorporates body/mind awareness and psychology. It shows you how to use meditation skills as life tools for everyday living to help you think positively, manage stress levels and look after your health.

Gentle techniques
Resourcefulness Meditation’s gentle yet powerful techniques put you in touch with your inner resources and the resources in the natural world around you.

Grounding and relaxation
Many people find the soft, sensory based style of Resourcefulness Meditation, with its focus on body awareness and grounding techniques, more accessible than the more traditional schools of meditation as it ‘catches’ naturally occurring states of awareness and relaxation and does not impose a rigid structure to its practice.

Preventive health-care 
Resourcefulness Meditation is a natural choice for preventative healthcare. It grew out of observing the connection between body and mind in clinical practice as well as from personal experience.

Down-to-earth approach 
Resourcefulness Meditation founder, Linda Hall has a down-to-earth style that makes learning to meditate accessible, interesting and fun. She offers courses, one-to-one tuition, telephone sessions, and an interactive conference call group for people with ME run in conjunction with Harley Street’s Optimum Health Clinic.

“I have tried numerous meditation techniques .. and can honestly say that I have found Resourcefulness Meditation to be THE best, most helpful (and enjoyable!) mind body technique I have ever experienced, thanks so much Linda!” – Tracy Street, Bedfordshire

“Linda’s calm, clear, intuitive, feminine approach is ideal for me, as it is down-to-earth and springs from her own experience, rather than being aligned with any formal system. I recommend Linda unreservedly to anyone else who is seeking a route to peace and contentment in the gales of 21st century stress” - Heather Peace, London

“Linda’s meditation teaching is really important because it offers a secular world a humanistic approach to spirituality”. - Delcia McNeil, Author of ‘Bodywork Therapies for Women’



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